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Life in the Passenger Seat
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Life in the Passenger Seat


Well I didn’t decide. It was about a year ago, basically my doctor said I had to stop driving. I had gone to the doctor and he said that I was you know, beginning to experience some early Alzheimer’s symptoms. So they wanted me to go to the DMV and I didn’t want to, I went to a private occupational therapist-driving specialist. I first did all the writing portions. They came back and said that basically, I failed the testing because I’m too slow. The OT-DRS started to cry a little bit when she shared the news. And I felt so bad, but I just kept telling her that now I’ll be safe and I’ll be keeping other people safe.

I still feel in the driver’s seat!  My husband is wonderful and I have tons of friends that help me out. My book club girlfriends, my flower club girlfriends, everybody helps me out when I need it. I still get where I need to go when I need to. I’ll be 80 in May but I don’t look or feel 80. I’m a very active woman.

I would say that obviously I would like to still drive…because I like to feel free. But I’m very practical and reasonable and I knew it was time to not drive anymore. I accept the fact that I am no longer driving. And I have friends that I wish would give up driving. It is important to be reasonable with yourself and keep others safe.


So I’ve officially been done driving for a month now. I’ll be 83 in July and so I decided it was time. I still feel like I have control in all of the areas I need to. I can still get to my weekly classes and around to my errands. I actually feel really relieved now. I really didn’t like the stress of driving. I didn’t like my insurance price continuing to go up. I didn’t like getting in little fender benders and/or accidents. So being a passenger is a lot less stressful and enjoyable. I also just like being driven around. I lived overseas for some time and the last place I lived, I always scheduled a van to come pick me up. So I liked that sort of on-demand transportation. And it is so much easier to just get in and go and not have to worry about actually driving and the stress related to that.

Using Uber is easier than I thought. My house is a little difficult to find because I live in a condo in a complex so trying to get people to come to the right place is sometimes difficult. But that is a minor problem with Uber. But overall, it is an easy app to use. I was also surprised about how I need to plan ahead of time a little more now. I now plan when I’m going to need a ride but Uber usually comes fairly quickly anyways. And, my insurance was so high so Uber may be cheaper in the long run.


I moved into an apartment in a retirement community and kept my car, but I did not drive at night. My son signed me up with an app so I could call and get a car to take me anywhere I wanted to go – even at night!  When I had to give up driving, it was not so bad. 


As a senior myself, I understand how important it is to get out in the community, so I love the Gogograndparent. I am one of few drivers, but part of what I do is help people with their bags and get in and out of the car.


I have two speeds – slow and stop. I am 92 and had to give up driving. Those who drive me have the advantage of using my Disabled Tag, since I cannot walk so far due to my heart. I am blessed with friends and family that take me to the places I need and want to go.

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